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La teva targeta Avancar a partir de
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Nou aparcament a Barcelona: PLAÇA CATALUNYA!

Nou aparcament a Barcelona: ARAMUNT (Aragó/Muntaner)!

Ja disposes de més de 100 cotxes a 30 aparcaments a Barcelona, Sabadell, Sant Cugat i Granollers

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Avancar – information in English

We’re sorry that we are not able to offer you all our information in English. Below you will find the main facts about Avancar, for more details you can consult our web in Spanish or Catalan, or contact us at Thank you for your interest!

What is carsharing?

We offer to our clients the use of our fleet (at this time: 123 cars in 34 locations in Barcelona, Sabadell, Granollers and Sant Cugat). If you’re an Avancar client, and you need a car for a few hours, or a few days, it’s really simple:

  1. You call us (7/7, 24/24 service), or go to our reservations website , to reserve the car you need, at the location that suits you best, for the time you think you will be needing it.
  2. You go to the location (all our cars are in public parkings, open and supervised 24 hours a day, and easy to reach on foot or by public transport) and find the car in its reserved parking space.
  3. You open the car with your Avancar chip card, find the keys in the dashboard locker, and drive away… For the duration of your reservation, the car is yours.

What does it cost?

Becoming a client is really cheap – rates start at 30 €/year (2.5€/month!).

Whenever you use a car, you will pay exactly what you used: tariffs are per hour and per km.

Do you plan to use our cars for your business? We have special rates for companies or professionals who use cars mainly on weekdays.

Who are we?

We are the first carsharing providers in Spain, backed by the technology and knowhow of one of the biggest carsharing providers in Europe, Mobility Switzerland.

Our company, Catalunya Carsharing SA, was founded by, amongst others, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ajuntament de Barcelona, especially to offer this new, sustainable mobility service.

Carsharing - a sustainable solution

Studies show that carsharing users are more aware of the real cost of their transport, and make judicious choices between public transport, carsharing cars, rental cars, taxi, motorbike and bike for their trips – resulting in less cars, less space used by cars, less fuel consumed and less hothouse gases emitted.

Perhaps you should try carsharing as well…

Contact us now for more information if you live in or around Barcelona, or Google for a carsharing provider close to where you live.